Faith & Geekery

Welcome to Faith & Geekery, an online web series and community explore all things hobbies, gaming and crafts with a sprinkling of faith. The intention of this web series is to be informal and conversational about our geeky passions.

Faith & Geekery is now 1! We try to stream weekly on Facebook, Youtube and on Twitch on Tuesdays at 8pm (GMT) – but mainly on Facebook, and in between episodes we chat further on our discord server.

We’re aware that not everyone has the opportunity to sit down and watch our stream and so for those on the go, or simply prefer not to watch us then we’ve also released it as a podcast on all the usual podcast locations.

Faith&Geekery Community

This isn’t just about watching a weekly stream but is an opportunity to be part of the Faith & Geekery community on Discord:

This is as much for ourselves as for anyone else but this is what our usual episode consists of:
Welcome: an opportunity to connect and see how we’re doing.
Geeky news: catch up on what’s been going on.
Introducing the guest/guests
Quiz (or other feature): exploring the wider world of geekiness and what we understand to be geeky.
Interest of geekiness: we delve into the subject of the week
Geeks Gallery: the sharing of stuff from our discord community
Wrapping up: to include an invitation to our discord community