Faith & Geekery

Welcome to Faith & Geekery, an online web series and community explore all things hobbies, gaming and crafts with a sprinkling of faith. The intention of this web series is to be informal and conversational about our geeky passions.

We are still exploring the format of Faith & Geekery and we are hoping to stream regularly on Facebook, Youtube and on Twitch on Tuesdays at 8pm (GMT), so why not pop in for chat, leave a comment or why not get in touch to share a bit more about your faith and/or geekery.

We’re aware that not everyone has the opportunity to sit down and watch our stream and so for those on the go, or simply prefer not to watch us then we are wading into the wonderful world of podcasting, which will hopefully be rolled out over the coming weeks on the usual, here is a link if you can’t wait.

Here is one of our more recent promos:

Faith&Geekery Community

This isn’t just about watching a weekly stream but is an opportunity to be part of the Faith & Geekery community on Discord: