Sat at a computer in the year 2000, I decided that my email handle needed to be something unique. 23 years later still using it. Cybersten.co.uk is the home for my creative projects, ideas and signpost to videos etc.

Alongside my online stuff I’m also a church minister for the Methodist Church of Great Britain and a digital church enabler for the Yorkshire West District.


I am a bit of a geek, loving all things Doctor Who related, Lego and being all-round creative. whether it’s dabbling with lino-cutting, editing videos or exploring Augmented Reality, I’m a big fan of being and doing.
Beyond Hobbies and Faith, I’m married to Becki and have children. Oh and I need to do more running!

Methodist Orb logo with LGBTQ+ colours


I am a Christian who works for the Methodist Church as a Methodist Presbyter (Minister/Reverend).
I don’t really do labels but I believe God’s love is for all and choose love over hate, stand up against injustice. Big fan of Jesus, sometimes embarrassed by the church, but still love ‘um.

Man wearing a beanie hat and dog collar, with green bushes as a backdrop


I’m currently working on a couple of Augmented Reality projects and in particular how we can use this in and around church. I am also aware that most churches have small budgets and during a cot of living crisis, that data amounts and spending is a real factor for those hosting and the end user, so I’m researching do this well but for less.


A project for the Methodist Church about the Methodist Way of life.

“Taller in real life”
A colleague

“A creative”