About cybersten.co.uk:
My online handle is now 20 years old and is derived from my childhood nickname: Sten. the website is a space for online Creativity drawn from my experience in ministry as well as various projects that I’m involved.church life creativity

About me:
I’m a Methodist Minister (vicar) in the UK (currently living near Leeds and serving the Leeds North and East Circuit) married to Becki (Probationer Minister) and two small..ish children.
Alongside ministerial responsibilities I like being creative and this website is just one way of expressing these passions (although family and work commitments tend to put some of these things on the back burner).

I have a vimeo and youtube channel and you can find me on facebook, Twitter and some online games too.

Online presence aside:I love Doctor Who, watching films, painting (when I get the time), old original vintage gadgets and most importantly spending time with my wife and children.

Education: BA Hons in Biblical & Evangelistic Ministry, MA in Theology. Also, a Rural East Yorkshire upbringing (which shouldn’t be overlooked).